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At Bubble Beep, we understand that a social media strategy is more than just growing the number of ‘likes’ or 'followers', we focus on building a long-term, highly targeted group of loyal followers that help spreading the company’s brand and services via the social landscape. Results are monitored and incorporated into the client’s larger digital marketing strategy. Want to see how your company is doing on the social networks? Contact us today for the best service and SMM strategies.

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Mobile apps are quickly replacing the web tools we once used to buy, share, search, learn and collaborate with. While demand for mobile apps grows constantly, at Bubble Beep we create and offer simply the best, the kind of apps that people talk about, that they use over and over again. We eat, sleep, and breathe mobile. It’s who we are. We will work beside you to formulate a vision and strategy for your app and put the app through a rigorous vetting process, polishing and streamlining the idea along the way.

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Each and every day the mobile web is becoming more and more popular. At Bubble Beep we are equipped with the skills and expertise you need to keep your website updated with mobile responsive design that caters to any smartphone brand. The creative options for your mobile site are endless, moreover a smooth, easy-to-use mobile site can bring you valuable sales and numerous customers. Contact us today to have more information about how you can dominate your industry in the world of mobile search!

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Nowadays, having a strong social media presence is just as important, or even more important, than having a website. With our Social Media Management channel, you will never have to worry again of updating or growing your social media accounts. We will professionally manage your social media channels to increase customers engagement, drive more attention on your products or services, grow your online community, increase sales and keep you in the mind and hearts of your customers.

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The goal of web marketing is to spread awareness about a business and its products or services via the Internet. At Bubble Beep we employ the latest Web marketing techniques to ensure that your content is not only timely and matching your consumers inquiries, but also that it attracts more audience into your purchase channel and increase your brand awareness. We work with the last SEO regularions. Bubble Beep: From the development of a marketing strategy to its execution.

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Following the age of the Internet and e-commerce, M-commerce is evolving at a rapid-fire pace. Now you’re no longer tied to burdensome and intensive customer-service methods of old, you can buy your goods directly from your smartphone or tablet. Our M-commerce channel allows your site to connect directly with your customers through mobile catalogs, shopping cart solutions. At Bubble Beep we provide you with an efficient M-commerce that lets your customers make purchases safely and securely.

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SEO is a critical aspect of marketing in today’s digital climate. To thrive in today’s digital world, businesses have to invest in Search Engine Optimization. It’s necessary for exposure, effective online presence, and it’s the only way to attract large volumes of traffic on a consistent basis. When potential customers are looking for products and services online, they use search engines to look for them. If your Company doesn’t come up on the first or second page when searching keywords that describe your core business, client are lost. We also offer Pay-per-click advertising, serving your ads on search engines and partner websites.

We offer SEO content with unique keyword research, and On-page optimization to help you get your business found by customers ahead of your competitors. We have the experience, skills, and certifications to increase your web sales and presence at all time.

Bubble Beep creates friendly mobile apps to ensure our clients can keep in touch with their customers even when they are on the move. Developing an app is a strategic decision and an investment in the future of your business. Stay ahead of the curve, it is time to get mobile! Not all businesses can effort or need a mobile app, but having at least a ‘mobile friendly’ website is now crucial to business survival. More than half of all searches for products and services are now conducted using a smartphone or mobile device. This figure is expected to climb to 90% in the next 5 years.

We will help you create a mobile site that actually acts like an app and expands for desktop visitors. We design mobile sites with a view to emphasize key pages from the website which can enable the mobile user to get the necessary information and take action.

We all use social medias for our personal scopes. When we are using them to share a life moment there is no right way to do it, but when we decide to use social media in your business, having a social media marketing agency that understands your needs and how to properly cover them is essential. You need a measured and carefully planned strategy, so that you can increase your Revenue, develop your brand awareness, attract new customers and also do some recruitment if needed. The possibilities given by these new tools are almost infinite, and we will help you to use them all.

At Bubble Beep we offer an absolutely and outstanding social marketing service to all our estimated clients. Our SMM solution will identify the best channels for you to use to connect with your audience and help you develop a structured strategy with measurable goals to obtain a clear ROI from social media’s many opportunities.


Social Media Marketing Packages



  • Pick 1 Social Media
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 3 posts/week
  • -
  • -
  • Set-up Fee €100



  • Pick 2 Social Media
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 5 posts/week
  • Daily monitoring
  • -
  • Set-up Fee €150



  • Pick 3 Social Media
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 5 posts/week
  • Daily monitoring
  • Audience building
  • Set-up Fee €200



  • Pick 4 Social Media
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 10 posts/week
  • Daily monitoring
  • Audience building
  • Set-up Fee €250

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Mobile Apps, SEO, Responsive Websites


for discount

  • Compatible with
    Smartphones and Tablets
  • Android and iOS platforms
  • Basic Analytics
  • M-Commerce
  • Push Notifications
  • Bookings
  • Design fee applies


for discount

  • Compatible with
    Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops
  • Import your current website
  • Analytics
  • Bookings
  • Mobile catalogue
  • Social Media Connection
  • Design fee applies


starting from

  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Backlinks creation
  • Local Listing
  • Digital presence and reputation growth strategy
  • Detailed monthly report
  • Strategy meetings


Choose between

  • Mobile App
  • Responsive Site
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital presence and reputation growth strategy

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